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  1. Murray's Club
  2. The Cat's Whisker
  3. The Bag O'Nails
  4. Kleptomania
  5. The Nest Club
  6. Artists' Own Gallery
  7. Fouberts Club
  8. Deal Real Records
  9. Street Theatre
  10. The Foundry
  11. Lord John
  12. The Florence Mills Social Parlour, The Roaring Twenties and Columbo's, Club Eleven
  13. New Musical Express
  14. Smash Hits
  15. Tatty Bogle
  16. La Valbonne
  17. Ain’t Nothin’ But
  18. Great Marlborough Street Court House
  19. Gear / Kids in Gear
  20. I Was Lord Kitchener’s Valet
  21. Vince Man’s shop
  22. Topper Shoes
  23. Ruby’s nightclub
  24. Mark Powell
  25. Pretty Green
  26. The Pinstripe Club
  27. I Was Lord Kitchener’s Valet