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15. Tatty Bogle

Tatty Bogle club was a private club in a Kingly Court basement. It was opened in 1917 in Frith Street by a group of Scottish officers. It then moved to Kingly Court and opened as an out-of-hours drinking club. It was used as a bomb shelter during World War II and the wartime membership book contains names such as Burgess, Maclean, Anthony Blunt and Buster Crabbe.

In this film, Frances McKevitt, who ran a club night at Tatty Bogle in the 1990s, describes the club as it was and plays some songs related to that time.

In 2013, the space where the club used to be is now a nightclub called Disco. The doorway has moved and so the club's address is now number 13.

Previous image: Frances McKevitt in Disco, formerly Tatty Bogle, photograph by Richard Bevan 2013
Right: Interior of Tatty Bogle

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