People from all over the world have visited Carnaby and have their own memories of the places included on this site as well as others. We’d love it if you shared your musical stories and images of the Carnaby area on this forum.

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Love this. Carnaby music icons. Boy George, Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney. Kingly Street 2013.

Kay 02.09.2013


Simon Quayle 13.08.2013

Professor Green performing on Carnaby Street in 2012!

Sarah 03.09.2013

As a little boy on my way to Marshall St Swimming Baths I vividly remember the funky flooring On Carnaby Street in the 70's.

Tony S 04.09.2013

i remember going to the arcade when I was abt 15yrs playing space invaders, often. At 17/18yrs going to the shop Melandis where my boyfriend at the time use to work this is were most of the alternaitve artists use to shop for exclusive clothes the likes of Marc Almond. The shop was named after Mel and Andy who owned the shop I used to get some great shoes from there is was during the new romantic era

Daljit Hawkins 05.09.2013

don't forget fouberts discotheque!!!,before it became fouberts club in the 1980"s, fouberts discotheque was one of the best disco"s in the west end, I was the resident dj there from june 1976 to December 1979 for 4 nights a week,i took over the residency in 1976 from a great dj " al needles" (sadly no longer with us). on a Friday and Saturday night we used to get between 300 to 400 people jammed in side, the place was absolutely buzzin, it was constant dance music with a lot of American imports, r&b, jazz and funk, as the dicsotheque revolution took off in the late 1970"s, it was definitely the place to be, the club was open from 9pm to 3am, then when we finished working most of the staff and myself would go round the corner into kingley street to a private disco/club called the candy box until the sun came up the following morning....happy days.. simon perry.

simon perry 09.09.2013

Jeff Dexter just sent me this great film of Carnaby Street... all in French

Lucy 13.09.2013